Foxwell NT650 Elite All Makes Service Tool with 13 Special Functions


NT650 Elite multi-application service tool is a cost-effective total solution for the most frequently performed services and maintenances of your workshop.
It solves 90% of the services you tackle with everyday.


Updated Version of NT650, supports 2018/2019 New Models.




1. OBDII/EOBD engine scan.
Check engine warning light appear reason and engine runing live data,inspect engine emission level, identify VIN EIN number.
2. ABS, Antilock Brake Reset.
The auto bleed procedure is used on BOSH 5.3 equipped vehicles. This procedure uses a scan tool to cycle the system solenoid valves and run the pump in order to purge the air from the secondary circuits.
3. SRS Airbag Crash Data Reset.
Your airbag crash data module will be restored back to its factory condition after accidents.
4. SAS Steering Angel Sensor Reset.
helps clear the fault steering angle sensor memories and plays an important role in the steering angle sensor calibration.
5. EPB Electronic Park Brake Reset.
it is important in the maintenance of electronic braking systemrsquos safety and efficiency when replace brake pad or motor.
6. DPF Diesel Particulate Filter Reset.
specially works for Diesel Particulate Filter system with DPF regeneration, DPF component replacement teach-in and DPF teach-in after replacing the engine control unit.
7. Oil Service Light Reset.
allows you to perform reset maintenance mileage and data intervals for a new calculation of Engine Oil Life system once changed the oil.
8. TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring Sytem Reset.
makes tpms senser in displaying sensor IDs from the vehiclersquos ECU, inputting TPMS sensor replacement IDs and activate tpms sensors.
9. TBA/TPS Throttle Body Alignment Reset.
vehicle's throttle position system sensor connected to the butterfly spindle and is primarily used to monitor the throttle position within an inner combustion engine. Due to its location, the throttle position sensor is able to effectively observe where the throttle butterfly valve is positioned.
10. CVT Transmission fucntion
On these CVT transmissions, the timing of the release and application of elements (clutch packs and bands) is controlled by the transmission control module (a microprocessor).
11. BRT Battery Management Service.
allows the scan tool to evaluate the battery charge state, monitor the close-circuit current, register the new battery replacement, and activate the rest state of the vehicle battery system.
12. Injector Coding.
diesel injector code need programming ID and parameters to the ECU for accurate communication and Injection control system.
13. Camshaft Gear Learning.
The scan tool monitors certain Camshaft position sensors signals to determine if all conditions are met to continue with the procedure for Engine running.
14. Odometer Instrument Cluster Initialize.
Let you can reboot instrument cluster parameters after replace new instrument panel.



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