Multi-diag Access J2534 Pass-Thru Device is a VCI (vehicle communication Interface), enable you to communicate with the ECU's according to the J2534 & J2534-1. It support multi-language, and can be used on Win XP and Win 7. Covers multi vehicles till 1996 till 2018


Multi-Languages : 

Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italish, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian,Russian, Serbian,Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish.




Multi-Diag J2534 Functions: 


After selecting the car manufacturer, then you can make the diagnosis for the different menus on offer (depending on cars models):


1. Maintenance
Diagnosis codes from all computers.

Reset maintenance interval.

Modification of the sewage.

Read / erase fault calculators.

Maintenance of the particulate filter.


2. Air Conditioning
Diagnosis of cooling electronic.

Reading settings cooling circuit.

Test servo actuators.


3. Pollution control
Diagnosis of the particulate filter.

Electronic control of pollutant emissions.

Control of the Lambda probe.


4. Liaison to the ground
Electronic configuration of the size of tires.

Electronic configuration of tires (winter / summer).

Setting valves tire pressure.

Diagnosis and management of shock-driven.

Calibration of the sensor angle Driving (initialization of the steering angle).


5. Body
Implementation of safety airbags (lock / unlock).

Reconfiguration of a new calculator Airbag.

Diagnosis of calculators Airbag.

Rain sensor windshield (reading and erasing fault).

Test panel and activators of lights.

Setting Xenon headlights.

Rear radar.


6. Post-Equipment
Setting up the radio.

Configuration loader CD.

Setting alarms.

Configuration of the coupler.

Configuration bicycle loading system.


7. Braking
Diagnosis of calculators ABS, ESP.

Diagnosis and unlock electric brakes.

Flush the brake system.


8. Motor
Diagnosis of any calculator injection engine (diesel, gasoline, flexfuel, etc. ..).

Programming of injectors.

Electronic configuration of the EGR valve.


9. Expert Mode
Diagnosis of advanced computers.

Configuration of comfort functions.

Change the language of the instrument panel.

physical measures (option with a probe - not supplied).

Direct access to all functions of diagnosis.


Package List :
1 x VCI (Vehicle Communication Interface)

1 x DB25 to OBD-2 Male cable

1 x OBD2 Male to OBD2 Female cable

1 x Software DVD

Multi-Di@g Access J2534 Pass-Thru OBD2 Device 2018


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